Environmental Policy

The long term goal of Whitecrest is to entirely go over to organic based paints, where we can we try to promote the advantages of these products.

Four example water-based natural paints give off almost no smell, the oil based natural paints usually have a pleasant fragrance of citrus or essential oils. Allergies and sensitivities to these paints is uncommon. These paints are the safest for your health and for the environment.

What we are trying to avoid in paint is volatile organic compounds (V O Cs) these uniform solvents have fundamental actions in the painting process which include brushability film hardness and working time, they evaporate as the paint dries creating that familiar smell which can cause headaches and a feeling of nausea.

We feel these symptoms plus the toxins can be avoided by the use of organic paints, which can now be created from natural products and the latest technology.

For these reasons Whitecrest where we can will advise our potential and existing clients to the benefits of organic based paints and products.


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Whitecrest uses ECOS organic paints and is listed in the Allergy Uk useful company directory.